Superior mobile car bodywork repair and paint repair service

Our unique and innovative repair systems allow us to repair just the damaged area on your vehicle – rather than the whole panel. This allows us to offer a quick and cost-effective solution to minor-medium cosmetic vehicle damage, without compromising on work quality.

We also offer the convenience of coming direct to you, to your home or workplace, etc., and carry out the repairs from our mobile workshops on site. So you don’t have to waste time with unnecessary courtesy vehicles, or leave your car in a body shop for days on end.

All our repairs are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee and cost savings are typically up to 50% compared to a traditional body shop.

With all degrees of repair work considered – from small scratches to seriously damaged panels!

What we can do for you

Fast, low cost, efficient, environmentally friendly, car body repairs across a range of paint damage to cars including:

Scrapes and scuffs from small collisions

These small areas of damage can be easily repaired on a customers drive. No need to book into a bodyshop and wait for days to be repaired. Most repairs are completed within a few hours at affordable prices.

Vandal scratches

If you are unlucky enough to suffer damage caused by vandal damage. It is most upsetting and very annoying. Not to mention the cost involved in getting the damage repaired. We can look at the most cost effective solution to getting the paint work back to its original condition.

Stone chips

With everyday wear and tear on a cars body work it’s almost impossible to avoid getting a few stone chips. We can professionally repair these to prevent future corrosion and improve the appearance of the paintwork.

Small dents, dings and creases

Panels on cars are so much thinner today, so picking up dings and dents is so much easier. We offer a Paintless Dent Repair service for those dents that can be massaged out. So no painting is needed.

For those dents that need painting we will reduce the size of the dent and then carry out a body repair.

Bumper and plastic trim

There are more components made of plastic in a modern car. Bumpers, door trims, wings door mirrors etc. All of these can be repaired without the need to be replaced. Whether the areas are colour coded or a textured finish.

Surface marks and scratches

Modern cars have a coating covering the paint called lacquer. This material protects the paintwork from the elements. Small scratches and scuffs can be picked up and where this is quite light they may be able to be removed by machine polishing with a cutting compound.

Colour coding

Most cars today have colour coded bumpers and trims. When damaged these can be colour coded to match original colours. In cars where bumpers or trims aren’t colour coded we can offer this service too.

Paint code retrieval

All cars manufactured in the last 30 years will have a paint code. This is usually found under the bonnet or inside one of the doors. The code will identify the manufacturers colour of the vehicle. When entered into a computer a formula is given to mix an accurate colour formulation.

We also use an advanced colour reading spectrometer to measure and adjust colours that have faded or have multiple variations. This insures a perfect colour match.

Machine polishing

This service is offered for those vehicle whose paintwork has lost some of its original lustre. By using coarse and fine compounds the paintwork is brought back to its original condition.

what our customers think of us

Professional, high quality service


Ford S Max. All back to original condition in no time. I would recommend Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire to anyone. Steve a nice guy.



Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire fixed the dents and scratches on my Jaguar. A fantastic service.


“Back to new”

My Mercedes was repaired by Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire. Scratches on both doors. Back to new condition again.



Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire repaired my Vauxhall Corsa and my dad’s Mondeo. A good professional job on both cars.

St Ives, Cambs

“Quality repairs”

Have used Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire a few times now. Good prices and quality repairs.


“Can’t recommend highly enough”

I can’t recommend Smart Repairs Cambridge highly enough. Every couple of years Steve sorts out my lease return cars.


“Great service”

Great service and great repair. Very professional and likeable fella. Would definitely use again.



Bumper repair on my Range Rover. Was first time I used a Smart Repair business. Was amazed at the finished result. Like it never happened.


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