Car Paint Repairs
& Bodywork Repairs

Quality, Low Priced Car Paint Repairs &
Bodywork Repairs

High quality, affordable, fully mobile repair
service at your home or place of work

Car Paint Repairs
& Bodywork Repairs

High quality, affordable, fully mobile repair service at your home or place of work

The Smart Repair Cambridgeshire Service operates within Cambridgeshire. Covering towns and surrounding villages of Cambridge, Huntingdon, March, Ely, St Ives, St Neots, Newmarket & Peterborough; Also covering Parts of Beds and Suffolk.

Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire offers a fully mobile repair service to your home or place of work from a fully equipped Mobile Mercedes Workshop, attending to a wide range of bodywork damage including; Dents, Scuffs, Scratches, Dings, Cracks, Splits, Chips and on all areas of vehicle bodywork including Wings, Doors, Wing Mirrors, Bumpers, Boots, Grilles, Spoilers, Valances, Sills, Body kits, Alloy Wheels, Wheel Trims, Motorcycle Petrol Tanks, Mud Guards and Fairings.

Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire also work with trade and private clients and offers a repair solution to suit your requirements at an affordable cost.

Why Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire is the best solution!

Traditionally to rectify any damage to your car, you would visit a body shop, pay to obtain an estimate, book your car in, take it back and leave it for typically 3 days, pay for an expensive repair and receive only a 2 year guarantee for work carried out.

Alternatively make one simple call to Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire, a qualified technician will arrive, professionally repair in a matter of hours, invoice you substantially less than a body shop & give a Lifetime guarantee for the repair.

Car Paint & Bodywork Repair

  • All Smart Repair technicians use the most technologically advanced colour matching system using a colour reading spectrometer which ensures a perfect paint match on all painted surfaces across a wide selection of vehicles including; Cars, Motorcycles, Vans, Buses, Coaches & Trucks. We are trained to IMI standards with ATA qualifications.
  • Our Advanced system means no more expensive trips to the body shop or your car off the road for several days.
  • We work with private, trade and corporate clients and can offer a repair solution to suit your requirements, ranging from paint rectification work through to Colour Coding and Paint Code Retrieval at affordable prices.

Affordable Pricing

With Smart Repairs the repairs are completed at an affordable price starting at £60 and averaging £150 and typically in a matter of hours. Value, plus convenience makes Smart Repairs the intelligent choice for the motorist.

The SMART acronym describes the type of work carried out






The SMART system is designed to provide a quick and cost-effective repair to an area of cosmetic damage. It is designed to tackle the damage in a small, localised area, meaning it will take less time and effort to repair. It should also generally be less expensive, as the repair is confined to a smaller space.

What types of repair are included in the SMART system?

The SMART system primarily deals with cosmetic damage, and will generally cover the following areas:

  • Chip and Scuff Repair: This covers damage to the paintwork, repaired so that the former defect is now invisible. Where this once would require a car going to a professional body shop, SMART repair can tackle these problems efficiently, with paint matching making the repair work invisible.
  • Paintless Dent Removal: Removing a dent can be extremely difficult and can often lead to more damage trying to fix it. The SMART repair process uses special tools to remove the dent without having to repaint the bodywork.
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment: The SMART repair system can return your wheel alloys to their former glory, repairing damage caused by potholes or kerbs, discolouration, and corrosion. The quick service means you don’t have to lose your car for days.

SMART technology is now advanced enough to repair most damage invisibly.

A selection of the Services we offer

Fast, low cost, efficient, environmentally friendly, car body repairs across a range of paint damage to cars including:

Scrapes And Scuffs From Small Collisions

Vandal scratches

Small dents, dings and creases

Bumper and Plastic Trim

Stone Chips

Surface Marks And Scratches

Colour coding

Paint code retrieval

Machine polishing

what our customers think of us

Professional, high quality service


Ford S Max. All back to original condition in no time. I would recommend Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire to anyone. Steve a nice guy.



Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire fixed the dents and scratches on my Jaguar. A fantastic service.


“Back to new”

My Mercedes was repaired by Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire. Scratches on both doors. Back to new condition again.



Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire repaired my Vauxhall Corsa and my dad’s Mondeo. A good professional job on both cars.

St Ives, Cambs

“Quality repairs”

Have used Smart Repairs Cambridgeshire a few times now. Good prices and quality repairs.


“Can’t recommend highly enough”

I can’t recommend Smart Repairs Cambridge highly enough. Every couple of years Steve sorts out my lease return cars.


“Great service”

Great service and great repair. Very professional and likeable fella. Would definitely use again.



Bumper repair on my Range Rover. Was first time I used a Smart Repair business. Was amazed at the finished result. Like it never happened.


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